UANPF Secure Access Site

Welcome to the online UANPF Secure Access Site

This site is for use by our

  • Participants
  • Benefit Recipients
  • Alternate Payees

Using this site, Participants will be able to access their annual Pension Status Statements, Contribution History Reports and current Demographic and Beneficiary information. As you prepare for retirement, you will also be able to upload documents that are needed to process your retirement request and track your retirement application as you move into pay status to await your first pension payment.

For those who are Benefit Recipients and Alternate Payees, you will be able to access your Benefit Payment History to see the details of each payment you've received. You will also be able to download your 1099-R form(s)

In order to access these documents, you must first register securely via the UANPF Website. Once registered, you may login and view, print and save documents online, as well as update your personal profile. Please use the links below to either register to create a new account or login using your existing credentials to view your information.

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